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News May 2007


These baby opossums were found by Erik and Amy Auerbach in their yard. The mother was attacked by an animal and died. These babies are too young to survive on their own.
Eric, Amy and their friends are sponsoring the cost of the care of these babies by giving "mother's Day" sponsorship gifts to their parents.
Sponsors receive a photograph of the sponsored animal.

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SF ROMP welcomes a new Foster Family!

Anne, Eva and Maria Donjacour will provide care for opossums and raccoons.


Fostering a Culture of Caring.

Salesforce Foundation reaches out to help SF ROMP!
Thanks to the help of Salesforce employees, we now have a new foster home for our orphaned wildlife.

This spacious 8' square enclosure will provide room for the baby animals to learn to climb treelimbs and to hunt for food their foster family will hide!

Patient Photos

Patient Photos

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A New Baby! Shirley: 300gms, Born: approx. May 15th, parents unknown.


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