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Humans are always a young wild animal's last hope for survival, never its best hope.An "orphan" is a young animal that is not able to care for itself and whose parents cannot be found , reuniting attempts have failed, or parents are known to be dead. If you see a feathered baby bird hopping and flapping, it's probably a fledgling with parents nearby feeding it as it's learning to fly. Rabbits and deer leave their young alone for hours at a time.

Three raccoons

To help you determine if an animal you see is orphaned, click here.

Wildlife rehabilitation is the process of caring for injured, orphaned or sick wild animals and releasing them back to the wild when they are able to survive on their own. Permits are required from the California Department of Fish and Game to rehabilitate any native wild animals. Additional permits are required from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to rehabilitate native birds.

Find a wildlife rehabilitation center near you
California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitation
National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association
International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Wildlife rehabilitation centers rely on donations and volunteers to provide care for our injured and orphaned wildlife. Please donate generously to your local wildlife rehabilitation center, and ask about volunteer opportunities!

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