Why Volunteer with SF ROMP?

SF ROMP is dedicated to preserving and enhancing San Francisco’s rich biodiversity and increasing public awareness of our native wildlife. We run four main programs in order to fulfil our mission statement. Volunteer help is needed for all of these programs. However you choose to help, your input is greatly appreciated and can make a real difference to local wildlife.

You can read more about our four main program areas below, or click here for a complete list of SF ROMP Volunteer Opportunities.

Rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife

Caring for injured and orphaned wildlife so that they can be released into the wild is an important part of being stewards of our environment. Click here to learn more about our wildlife rehabilitation program.

The SF ROMP clinic and foster carers need food and medications in order to raise orphan babies and rehabilitate injured animals. Help us purchase food and supplies at the Pet Food Express website. Pet Food Express will give you 20% off the order and ship it for free.

Running a public information service hotline and website

The information provided by the SF ROMP hotline advises callers who have found animals in distress on what to do. The hotline also helps people to find humane methods of dealing with any problems caused by wildlife in their gardens or local areas. The hotline number is 415-350-WILD. Information on what to do if an animal needs help can also be found on our website here and we also have a FAQ list to help solve common wildlife problems.

Habitat planting

SF ROMP volunteers help create suitable and attractive habitats for local wildlife. This work helps increase the biodiversity of plants and animals in our area. We are currently planting in the west end of Golden Gate Park. Click here for more details of our habitat planting program.

Involvement in local and state issues affecting wildlife

SF ROMP takes part in meetings and schemes that are relevant to our mission statement. Find out here how SF ROMP is working to reduce wildlife fatalities on SF roads. It is possible to balance human demands on green space while allowing wildlife to live to. Click here to find out how to get involved in San Francisco wildlife conservation. State laws can also affect our local wildlife. Click here to see a summary of our wildlife trapping laws.